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"Discover The 5 Secrets to Acquiring          Funding For Your Business in 14 days or Less"
Wayne "The Money Man C"  - Presenter
Co-Founder - Limitless Lyfestyles
The time to get funded has arrived. Watch as I discuss ALL the funding secrets!
"Discover The 5 Secrets to Acquiring Funding For Your Business in 14 days or Less"
The time to get funded has arrived. Watch as I discuss ALL the funding secrets!
Dwayne Carpenter - Co Presenter
Founder - Limitless Life Style
In this training, you will discover...
How creative financing can be used to quickly grow your business!
The 3 C's of funding and how to use them to maximize your funding potential.
Discover how to take advantage of your "good" credit and the role it plays in getting you funding.
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  •  Bring Pen, Paper, and a list of Questions
  •  Questions - will be answered anytime during the event for webinar guests
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Wayne "The Money Man C"
Co-Founder - Limitless Lyfestyles
Wayne "The Money Man C" is an amazing entrepreneur and businessman who quit his high paying bartending job at the age of 32 after obtaining financial independence. He has a bachelor of science degree in legal studies, from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, several certifications in business management as well as a Fico score over 720. Wayne was able to sustain his freedom by acquiring over $120,000 in financing through business credit and personal term loans. He then established his business which currently generates revenues of $10,000 per month. Wayne has helped many up, and coming investors, well-established businesspeople, and entrepreneurs obtain over $1.2 million in business funding.