About Limitless Lyfestyles

Limitless Lyfestyles are the future industry leaders on information, education and creative support processors of funding for businesses and entrepreneurs. Limitless Lyfestyles is heavily involved in assisting clients with services that provide multiple guidelines and materials to improve ones credit . We at Limitless Lyfestyles also provide coaching assistance on a case by case basis. Our organization collaborates with best minds and leaders in the financial sector. Limitless Lyfestyles goal is to provide our clients with the best customer service experience. Click below to subscribe to our weekly newsletters.

We also conducts webinars and seminars. For updated information, be sure to check out our mailers on our website and social media pages.

About Wayne "The Money Man C" 

Wayne has a bachelor of science in legal studies, from John J College of Criminal Justice, several certifications in business management as well as a Fico score over 720. Through Limitless Lyfestyles LLC, he has dedicated his life in helping others improve their credit as well as acquire capital. Limitless Lyfestyles LLC truly believes these are the tools they need to become successful financially. 

Wayne was able to sustain his freedom by acquiring over $120,000 in financing through business credit and personal term loans. He then established his business which currently generates revenues of $10,000 per month. Wayne has helped many up, and coming investors, well-established businesspeople, and entrepreneurs obtain over $1.2 million in business funding.